Property Management specialists for Prospect 5082, South Australia

Are you getting the best rental return on your property? To find out let 4rooms Property Management conduct a comprehensive appraisal of your property and provide market comparisons as well as a current rental estimate, we will email it through to you with no obligation and completely free.

We do Property Management differently


Only 4 fees, our pricing is lean! That doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or service.

  • Fixed letting fee $499 inc GST
  • Advertised on (Feature advertisement) and others $129 inc GST
  • Fixed monthly management fee   $89 inc GST
  • Lease renewal for existing tenants   $99 inc GST

[ What We Do For You ]

  • We look for and find Tenants!
  • Regular rental reviews of your property
  • Organise maintenance if necessary
  • Emergency maintenance available 24/7
  • Provide you with guidance and information on how to minimise legal and financial risks
  • Thorough inspections with reports emailed directly to you
  • Make all property outgoing payments on your behalf from rent received
  • We use property me trust account management software to run daily balances
  • We make rental payments directly into your nominated bank account.

[ Why choose 4rooms Property Management]

  • We are a cost effective property management solution
  • Advertising $129 inc GST on (Feature Advertisement) and
  • Ingoing Inspection
  • Outgoing Inspection
  • Tenant reference check with TICA National Database
  • Management fee $89 fixed per month inc GST
  • No ongoing administration fee
  • A Comprehensive landlord portal so you can see what’s happening 24/7
  • Tenant Portal
  • We do your bill payments
  • We receipt your rent
  • We handle any late notifications
  • Lease renewal for existing tenant $99 inc GST
  • Dedicated Adelaide Property Manager
  • Routine Inspections every 3 – 4 months
4Rooms Adelaide Property Management Team

 [ Comparison between 4rooms Property Management and an average Property Manager in Adelaide]

Compare the savings when you switch to 4roomsAverage Competitor4rooms Property 
Total cost for 1st year$3184$1836SAVE $1348
Total cost 2nd Year $2484$1298SAVE $1186
Monthly and one off fees for Management
Administration fee$5.50No charge
Per month
Advertising$200$149Per tenancy
Dedicated property ManagerincludedIncludedPer month
Ingoing InspectionIncludedIncludedPer tenancy
Initial Lease$880$499 fixedPer tenancy
Landlord PortalNA
IncludedPer month
Lease Renewal for existing tenant$440$110
Per tenancy
Management fee$152$99 fixedPer month
Outgoing InspectionIncludedIncludedPer tenancy
Routine Inspections$55included 3-4 monthlyPer tenancy
Tenant Reference check25No Charge
Per tenancy
We do your late notificationsIncludedIncludedPer tenancy
We do your PaymentsIncludedIncludedPer month
We receipt your rentIncludedIncludedPer month
Average competitor comparison based on average rent of $350 per week. This is not the highest or lowest competitor in the market place

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[ The 4 Rooms Philosophy ]


We do what we say when we say we’ll do it. We hope that you will greatly value and appreciate our service and recommend us to your friends and family.


We believe in common sense over conventional wisdom if there’s a problem we’ll fix it or we’ll help you fix it! We follow tried and tested principals within our business, we guarantee you will always receive consistent, excellent service from us.


It’s simple, our Landlords/ladies are our valuable customers just as as your Tenants are your valuable customers. You need customers leasing your property 100% of the time and too often we hear stories of other property managers treating tenants like second class citizens. We promise to look after you and your tenants so you can get the best return on your valuable investment property.


We love property and we have our own investment properties just like you. We like fun and we enjoy a sense of humour, we don’t have offices, secretaries, company cars or private jets. We are available anytime just call text or email us … we’ll even respond to a carrier pigeon or smoke signals!


We strive to keep our costs low and therefore deliver the best value and the sharpest prices we possibly can to you! It’s important we stay in business for many years to come so we charge a reasonable but much lower than industry margin for our service to you that still results in a business profit for us.

[ The Story Behind 4 Rooms Property Management  ]

I come from a background of 17 years in a senior management position within a large retail travel organisation and while I’m passionate about travel (I don’t meet many people who aren’t) I’ve always been very passionate about property.

I began investing in property almost 20 years ago with my own house in Prospect, South Australia a circa 1880 now fully renovated cottage. In 2010 I purchased my first investment property which I subsequently demolished, subdivided and built two brand new homes (that was fun), in the years since we have gone on to acquire more property which we let out to our happy tenants.  I’ve been a tenant as well as a landlord, I’ve used the services of full property managers in Adelaide in the past as well as managing the whole thing myself so I know the ins and outs first hand.

In 2016 I decided to take my passion for property and combine it with my management and customer service skills to turn it into a full-time career. I obtained my Diploma in Property Services to become a Registered Land Agent which accredits me as a Property Manager and a registered salesperson.

4 Rooms Property Pty Ltd was created to provide a cost effective solution to property investors, other private landlords and property owners who would like their property managed with the utmost professional care and concern. We provide a superior level of customer service (checkout our Google reviews) With an underlying theme of trust and great communication we make the management of property as easy as possible for you, the owner.

I am a Prospect-based Property Manager but I am accessible to all areas within a 50km radius. We don’t have an office because we don’t need one, and that helps keep our costs lower than the average property manager in Adelaide. In addition to that important fact, it allows us to be on the road, mobile and accessible to you and your property. Feel free to contact us anytime via text (quickest response), phone or email.

More Info

There are plenty of reasons to invest in property. It’s a safe investment that generates consistent returns, but managing real estate brings several challenges that require a unique set of skills. And that’s where 4 Rooms Property Pty Ltd comes in. We are a property management company dedicated to providing nothing short of premium services to our clients in Prospect. Some of our services include:

Determining the Right Rental Rates

While checking out the classifieds can be a great way to get an idea of your rental price, getting an accurate figure requires more research. As experienced property managers, we will conduct a thorough market study to determine the rental price for your property. We aim to ensure the best rental return on your property by carrying out market comparisons and providing current rental estimates. What’s more, we’ll conduct the comprehensive appraisal completely free of charge and perform regular rental reviews.

Managing Your Payments

Securing money from tenants can be tough, not to mention awkward. We employ tried and tested management systems to ensure and maintain timely payments. We leverage property management software technology to run daily balances. When it comes to managing payments, you can count on us to facilitate direct payments into your account and also make all outgoing payments on your behalf. We also handle all late notifications and receipt your rent.

Finding the Right Tenants

Achieving a balance maximising rental income and maintaining low vacancy levels depends on finding the right tenant. We are experienced at finding suitable tenants for your property and will also manage all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship. To ensure your property is in tip-top condition we carry out thorough ingoing and outgoing inspections as well as routine inspections every 3-4 months. We’ll also be happy to organise for maintenance when necessary.

Ensuring Compliance with Property Laws and Housing Regulations

Australia has plenty of property laws and obligations. Navigating the legal framework is already tough enough and negating some of the regulations set by associations such as REIA (Real Estate Institute of Australia) could lead to catastrophic losses. As such, we can help you to minimise legal and financial risks by providing relevant guidance and information.

Helping you to Maximise Your Profitability

If you manage your properties, you’re pretty much tied to the process. In addition to juggling everything from determining rent prices to collecting payments, you also have to be available for tenant phone calls that often come in at odd hours, day and night. By letting us manage the day-to-day running of your property, you’re free to spend time on other income generating activities such as seeking new investment opportunities.

Providing Value for Money

4 Rooms Property Pty Ltd believes in providing value for money. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service based on trust, honesty and open communication. Our fee structure is not only cost-friendly but also transparent. We are available 24/7 and also have comprehensive tenant and landlord portals, so you keep tabs on what’s happening on your property.

Proudly South Australian